Plants have become an important addition to Homes, Offices, Hotels, Malls and almost anywhere you find people. You don't need to be a plant expert to appreciate their lush tropical and exotic beauty.  It is easy to see the appeal, but what you might not see are the many benefits that houseplants do for you. Houseplants are a living ecosystem that brings natures natural effect of comfort, appeal, psychological well being, decreased stress, and better health. The Chinese have for centuries used Houseplants to create indoor energy.          

             We hope share some of the many wonders houseplants will perform for you and also help you build a basic knowledge for your houseplant relationship.  If you have any questions about Houseplants care email us at  



People produce CO2 and breath in O2 Plants produce O2 and breath in CO2

CO2 makes us feel drowsy

CO2 decreases by 50% with plants